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Delightful Kitchen Remodeling!

Your Kitchen is the heart of your home, and we are fully aware that you can get inspired with a beautiful kitchen design. Whether it is materials selection, choosing the right countertop color and texture, or simply getting a wall color that matches your style, we are here for your renovation needs.

Our team can handle anything from a kitchen renovation to creating and re-designing a whole new kitchen from scratch.

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Cabinets Refinishing

Tile Installation


Countertop Installation

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Your bathroom can quickly deteriorate since it is one of the most used spaces in your home, and at times you may want to get good restoration service done by experts to keep it in good shape. An outdated bathroom requires a bit more than just a simple touch-up. 


We offer the best bathroom remodeling ideas. and stress-free bathroom remodeling projects by upgrading your vanity, floors, tiles, and more.

We Provide High-Quality Service, Work, And Results.

Hardwood Flooring

Sky’s the limit, and Rodriguez’s Remodeling team of experienced professionals in wood flooring can create any custom woodworking project you can dream up. Our custom jobs range from wood feature floors, vinyl & linoleum floor repair, and installation to laminate floor installation.

Whether you are looking for natural beauty or durable material engineered hardwood installation and repairs, we can handle anything in the hardwood flooring industry.

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Laminated Floors

Wood Floors

Composite Flooring

Engineered Flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Get Durable and Affordable Hardwood Flooring With Us!

Interior and Exterior Painting

When it comes to painting every spot matters, so we ensure that the right coat of paint is provided from corner to corner. That is why we offer outstanding interior and exterior painting services to home and business owners in Chicago and its surrounding areas and are knowledgeable in the latest painting techniques and top-quality painting materials to refine any space of your home.

We work on all kinds of surfaces whether it is wood, vinyl, stucco, metal, concrete, metal, aluminum, and more.

We offer

Top Craftsmanship And Materials

Quality Work

Will implement the best practices

Work with Commercial and Residential Projects

We fit your specific interior and exterior painting needs

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Throughout our 19 years of experience, we have shared our knowledge to guarantee quality service to homeowners and business owners, providing a broad range of Remodeling Services. 

All of our work gets executed by competent and skillful specialists.


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